Our Vision: We put the HOME in housing.

Our mission is to deliver exemplary service through:


Fiscal responsibility to our clients;


Integrity in all aspects of our business practices;


Stability for 45+ years of meeting our client’s business needs;


Humility in our relationships with clients, residents, and employees and a commitment to always listen.

Our Core Values
  1. Respect is key in all aspects of employee, resident, owner and client relationships and communication.
  2. Each resident deserves professional and responsive service.
  3. The workplace is a place for employees to learn, grow, excel, enjoy and collaborate to meet the mission of PPI.
  4. Each client can expect exceptional service and proactive employee response.
  1. The company has a social commitment to strengthen its connection to the communities in which we serve.
  2. We embrace diversity, creative thinking and new ideas while striving to create a spirit of teamwork and cooperation in all that we do.