Braintree and Brockton, MA (March 17, 2017) – Full service real estate and property management firm Peabody Properties recently announced that Howard House has reached full occupancy, and all services for its veteran residents are in place. Peabody Properties developed this community in partnership with the Affordable Housing and Services Collaborative, Inc. and Windover Construction, LLC, and currently oversees the management of the property. Howard House began accepting residents in December 2016.

The current incarnation of this 1924 building (known originally as the “Howard Home for Aged Men” but used for several purposes since its inception) is the result of the certified historic renovation and adaptive re-use of this building, located on the Brockton VA Medical Center campus at 890 Belmont Street, into a permanent supportive housing community for formerly homeless veterans. The residence features 14 furnished efficiency apartments, along with community space. Supportive services are also available to the residents to increase their economic self-sufficiency and well-being. The application process for residency is managed through the Veterans Administration.

In celebration of Howard House reaching its full occupancy milestone, Peabody Properties organized a television raffle which took place at the second resident meeting, held on March 2nd. Howard House resident Jeffrey Munsell was the lucky recipient of the TV. The TV was donated by William Scherer, president of Clean Green Solutions in Boston. Scherer has come to donate televisions to veterans after striking up a friendship with a Korean War veteran named Charlie. At one point in their relationship Scherer helped Charlie buy a brand-new, HD television, and was struck by Charlie’s excitement at the new clear screen (which replaced a 19-inch tube TV with rabbit ears and tin foil to enhance reception). In recognition of Scherer’s assistance and friendship, Charlie set up a life insurance policy naming Scherer as the beneficiary. Since Charlie’s passing from pancreatic cancer last year, Scherer has used the funds from the policy to buy and donate the televisions to veterans throughout the Boston area. “I know Charlie would be proud to know he’s helping these American veterans,” said Scherer. Scherer also donated Clean Green Solutions products to the community.

Peabody Properties Vice-President of Development Betsy Collins said, “It’s wonderful to see this historic building transformed into a community that will have such a positive impact on people’s lives. We are happy to be part of such efforts to reduce veteran homelessness. Peabody has enjoyed a wonderful relationship with Bill’s company and his generosity with our veteran residents is really quite special, as it captures the spirit and support that we have found make these communities a true home for our veterans.”

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