The Resident Service Coordinator, in coordination with the community’s Resident Association, wherever applicable, works with area provider agencies, in a non-clinical environment, to coordinate wellness, educational, cultural, and other enrichment programs to enhance the overall quality of life for all residents of the managed community. This position serves as the link among management, residents, and the community.

For our seniors and families, the programs and activities we offer include:

  • Smoke-Free Housing Initiatives
  • Meals Programs and Nutrition Sites
  • Health Screenings and Wellness Programs
  • Exercise Programs and Walking Clubs
  • Intergenerational and Multi-Cultural Programs
  • Life-Long Learning Programs
  • Computer Learning Centers and Computer Training
  • Horticultural Education and Site Beautification Programs
  • Parenting Support Groups
  • Life Skills Training
  • Job Readiness and Job Training Opportunities

The youth living in our properties are very important members of the communities in which they live. We offer educational, recreational, musical, artistic, and supportive programs to increase their knowledge and experiences. Programs are youth driven and are supported by resident volunteers who assist in the day-to-day operation and supervision of the programs.

For our youth, the programs and activities we offer include:

  • Summer Day Camps and Field Trips
  • Kids Clean-up Crews
  • Horticultural Education and Site Beautification Programs
  • National Park Service Junior Ranger Programs
  • Community Service Stipend Volunteer Activities
  • Karate, Martial Arts, Soccer, Arts & Crafts, Theatre Groups
  • Police Substations, Basketball Leagues and, Safety Awareness Training
  • Youth Media Production Programs in On-Site Youth Centers

Our Programs and Activities!