Whether it’s senior housing, adult living, assisted living, luxury condominiums, market and affordable mixed-income housing or Veterans Housing, our guiding principle is and always will be, excellence in everything we do!

We provide an integrated package of property management services that fully supports our client’s goals, market dynamics and conditions and, the property’s needs. Our expertise and wide-range collection of services enhances our performance and, at the same time, increases resident satisfaction.

  • Management Overview
    Our innovative approach to management stems from our belief that our properties are not just financial assets but are places where people are born, nurtured, and develop with family and friends. Your home is our home and is managed with care. Our established systems – financial – maintenance – management and marketing, complement our resident service oriented philosophy and result in communities that operate in an efficient, profitable and professional manner.
  • Condominiums
    With nearly 40 years of experience in property management, we have the expertise to deliver quality service. We have successfully assisted large and small condominium associations to run smoothly while minimizing costs. Our superior maintenance staff, along with our educated team of financial experts, will help you to protect and enhance the value of your property.
  • Veterans Supportive Housing
    Peabody Veterans Supportive Housing, LLC is the development arm of our property management and resident service divisions and, designated developer of our current Veteran’s housing communities – Valley Brook Village in Basking Ridge, NJ and Pleasant Street Apartments in Beverly, MA, as well as two soon to be constructed communities. Through our work with Affordable Housing and Services Collaborative, Inc. as development partner, we are developing and managing affordable housing for formerly homeless veterans and their families; providing the supportive services they need to increase self-sufficiency and wellbeing.